Brooke creates spaces that fuse the beauty, subtlety, and thoughtfulness of the natural world with contemporary style. 

Nature, by design, is all in the details. 

Textures, light, tones, and shapes, weave a tapestry that is balanced. Intuitive and familiar, it is also inherently unique. Each element serves a purpose. Adapting with the passing of time, it tells us a story about who we are now and where we once were. 

Brooke nurtured a fascination with nature and design since childhood. This led her to eventually study at the renowned Parsons School of Design, in Manhattan.

“My mom was my first style reference. She’d always say that blue jeans and a white shirt would never go out of style; it is what you do with those blue jeans. Are they tight? Are they ripped? Are they even blue? There’s a hundred different ways to wear a classic and make it your own.” – b.b

Drawn to clean lines and quality craftsmanship, her designs are an intimate and inspired experience. Interiors are an introspective reflection of the lifestyles and experiences of the people who live in them, and where they want to go next. 

Brooke lives with her husband and two children and can be found barefoot in Georgian Bay or at a full table, at her home, in Hamilton.